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Nutrition plays an important role in chronic disease prevention and management. We need food for energy to fuel our body and to provide the nutrients we need to stay healthy. However, many individuals face barriers to eating a balanced, healthy diet in today’s environment. Whether it is a lack of time to prepare healthy meals, uncertainty about how to cook with certain ingredients, or a limited budget for purchasing healthy food, there are many reasons why someone may struggle with making healthy food choices.

In addition, there is an increasing amount of nutrition advice information available through social media, newspapers, blogs and websites. Sometimes there is conflicting information about what we should be eating, making it hard to know where to turn for reliable, evidence-based advice.

The goal of our nutrition counselling services is to provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment to help individuals identify what a healthy diet might look like for them based on current evidence and discuss strategies for making realistic dietary changes based on the individual’s current situation.

Services we offer:

  • Individual/family nutrition counselling with a registered dietitian is currently available to those living in Brantford/Brant County. Individuals wishing to access nutrition counselling may self refer to our services. Our registered dietitian will meet with you to determine your individual nutrition needs and develop a plan to help you move towards sustainable dietary changes.
  • Group classes focused on nutrition education and hands-on food skills development are regularly available. Examples of these classes include:
    • Budget-friendly cooking
    • Cooking for one
    • Healthy Weights series
    • One time classes on topics such as canning and diabetes


Should you wish to access nutrition counselling services at GRCHC, you can drop by the centre to complete our referral form or download it here.

For information on upcoming sessions, see our calendar or inquire at the centre.