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**NEW!!!  The Indigenous Cultural Safety Co-ordinator at GRCHC has developed a series of four 30 minute modules on Cultural Safety as follows: 

1)    Doctrine of Discovery, 2) Dehumanization, 3) Residential Schools  4) Inter-Generational Impacts


The purpose of these modules is to give folks an opportunity to experience a comprehensive overview of historical to contemporary matters that affect all people. This training was approached from a Systems Theory, relating it to the broader issues within Canada’s history. 

This training is not accredited with any educational institutions, nor does it certify anyone as a specialist on these many complex issues. It is with hope that it will will inspire you to continue on a lifelong journey towards reconcilliation. 

Please note that this cultural safety training is specific to the teachings and cultural beliefs of the Haudenosaunee people who reside on the Six Nations of the Grand River territory. While the County of Brant has a variety of Indigenous Nations represented, (Anishnabe, Innuit, Metis, to name a few) their teachings and cultural beliefs may vary from what is shared in these modules. When we examine cultural safety, it is important to understand that not all territories or regions are universal. While there may be many similarities from Nation to Nation, regional differences are important to note when working with Indigenous people. Nia:weh (thank you)

View GRCHC's Indigenous Cultural Safety Modules on our Youtube Channel on the top right corner of this page, OR:


For Module One: Doctrine of Discovery,Click HERE  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fisedzbZidU&list=PL_l_HDc8HZA5JBhhh8t6Z0DeghQP-FSfE 


Module Two: Dehumanization, Click HERE   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdxSxAfS8T0&list=PL_l_HDc8HZA6u36JCH5pAFY-8sLYqBCPQ&t=0s&index=5


Module Three: Residential Schools, Click HERE   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii-19KRhbRA&index=4&list=PL_l_HDc8HZA7QP7GIKCoqhhzYVKZoalkK&t=0s


Module Four: Inter-generational Impacts, Click HERE 



For more information contact  Michelle Thomas, Indigenous Cultural Safety Coordinator, mthomas@grchc.ca (519)754-0777 X479