What is a CFE?

A Community Food Educator (CFE) is a volunteer trained to help educate the community on a variety of topics related to healthy eating.  CFE's assist with or lead cooking classes, cooking demos and presentations to groups of all ages.

Possible session topics include:

  • Cooking for one or two
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Reading food labels
  • Menu planning
  • Cooking skills

The Brant Community Food Educators will work with you to develop sessions that meet the needs of your group.  Sessions can vary in length and can occur at any time, depending on CFE availability.  We can even do the grocery shopping for you!

If interested in requesting a CFE service on behalf of a group or organization, you can download our service request form and email it to cfebrant@gmail.com.

Service Request Form

If interested in becoming a CFE, email: cfebrant@gmail.com

Please note that organizations/groups requesting a cooking demo or class are responsible for covering any food related costs.  In addition, there is a $20.00 administration fee per session.