Ontario Health Teams (OHT's) are a new framework for integrated care.  Groups of service providers work together as a team to care for entire populations in a more coordinated way.  OHT's were introduced and enabled through Bill 74 "The People's Health Care Act", 2019.  OHT's are also known as integrated delivery systems.  They have a goal of creating a single point of fiscal and clinical accountability.  OHT's aim to better engage patients and clients in planning and improve the patient experience and system performance.  

The local OHT has chosen three priority populations to focus on:

  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Dementia
  • Homelessness

The OHT is also targeting improvements in digital health and engagement and coordination in the primary care sector.

OHT's are congruent with several elements of the mission, vision and values of Grand River Community Health Centre (GRCHC) including "working together", "community development" and "collaboration".  GRCHC contributes to all work groups and leadership tables and assumes the role of fund holder and central employer for the OHT.